Choose French Immersion With Flex ED

Calling all current Grade 4 French Immersion students! In the fall of 2021, for the first year, Flex ED is offering a French Immersion Online Program for Grade five students. This will be a unique opportunity for students to continue their French language learning in an immersive, online format. 


French Immersion programs in Canada offer students the chance to build their understanding of the country’s second language, and Flex ED is excited to offer this opportunity to new and potential students. 


As a leading online school in Saskatchewan, we prioritize personalized, curriculum based learning that provides our students with the flexibility to learn in the comfort of their own home. We will extend this approach in our French immersion program to ensure that all of our students can receive the benefits of getting a French language-based education with the added advantages of online learning



The Benefits of French Immersion


Improved Cognitive Abilities
Learning a new language, especially at a young age, challenges a person’s ability to focus, problem solve, and understand complex concepts. It also improves their creativity!

According to Michigan State University, “Bilingual children may have a superior ability to focus on one thing and change their response, easily indicating cognitive flexibility.”

Engaging in a French immersion program will not only help teach a child French, but will also allow them to hone their cognitive skills to better approach and adapt to learning, academics and any other future challenges or transitions.

Improved Ability to Learn Additional Languages

French immersion not only plants the seeds for a fluent understanding of the French language. It also makes it easier to learn additional languages! Students in French immersion will find it that much easier to learn any additional languages as they grow older.

Better Test Scores

Test writing skills are skills that will benefit students for the entirety of their academic career. A 2001 study revealed findings that suggest young adults who are bilingual are more likely to score high on reading and literacy tasks than those who are monolingual. These better test scores are thought to be connected to the strong communication skills and cognitive abilities of bilingual students. 

Enhanced Communication Skills

Students learning a second language are asked to differentiate between multiple languages when conversing, making their communication concise, and intentional. This also improves their ability to learn and understand other languages, and helps them to more sensitively communicate to those who don’t have English as a first language. 

Career Opportunities

It can be challenging and overwhelming for young adults to pick a career path, and having the background of French immersion will provide a world of career opportunities for your student to explore. By providing students with the initial tools to become bilingual, you can set them up for future success by broadening their job prospects. 


In addition to expanding your child’s future job opportunities, it can also improve the quality of jobs they will be qualified for. A study by the University of Guelph revealed that bilingual men earn 3.6 percent more and bilingual women 6.6 percent more than those who only speak English. 


French E-Learning

In addition to all of the benefits of French immersion, Flex ED’s e-learning program also provides your student the benefits of online learning. With Flex ED, your student can engage in French language learning with the added flexibility of remote learning. 


Our French e-learning program allows your student to receive curriculum-based education at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home, and without added pressure of in class interactions and instruction. 

French Immersion with FlexED

Our French Immersion program, like all the FlexED programs, follows the Saskatchewan Provincial Curriculum. All core subjects will be delivered in French (French Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Health). 


The FlexED French Immersion Program affords students the opportunity to work with qualified French Immersion teachers on their French speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. 


Now students can continue to enjoy the benefits of learning an additional language while also enjoying the freedom and flexibility of virtual learning. If you are entering Grade 5 in the French Immersion Program this fall, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!