Building Confidence: An Interview with Tammy Rasmussen (Part 1)

Editor’s Note: Tammy Rasmussen is a stay-at-home mom to ten-year-old Darius and three-year-old Seraphina. Tammy enrolled Darius in Flex ED this Fall, and so far, it has been the perfect fit.

Falling through the cracks.

My son is very smart, just not in the conventional way. He is on the autism spectrum, and has some learning disabilities, especially when it comes to reading and writing. In 2015, I pulled him out of grade 4. Public school just wasn’t working for him; he struggled socially and academically because he couldn’t focus in class. He had so much anxiety. I felt as though he was falling through the cracks.

Seeing the difference.

We used to have interviews with teachers when he was in mainstream school, but they could never really provide us with any solid work he had done. By grade 3, things began to get even more difficult—at that point teachers couldn’t even keep him in a classroom, and had nothing they could show us, in terms of his work.


Pictured here is Darius Rasmussen Pictured here is Darius Rasmussen


With Flex ED, I can work with him one-on-one and we can see the work he’s doing. He likes it and he feels so much better being at home. It took a year for his anxiety to go away, but it did. He’s happy to be away from the stress and pressure of a public school. He’s really doing great, and we love having him at home.

Having options.

Darius is able to do his work when he wants. We don’t follow a strict schedule, but he gets his work done. When my husband comes home in the evenings, he’ll do Social Science with Darius, and I’ll do Health, ELA, and Math with him.


The Rasmussen family The Rasmussen family


Darius doesn’t want to go back to a traditional school setting. I really don’t want to send my daughter into mainstream school either, but we want to give her an opportunity to try it. If it doesn’t work out, then at least we know we have the option to sign her up for Flex ED. We know that it works.

About Flex ED


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