Learning In Safe Environments During COVID-19


At this time, when parents and students are choosing between in-class and at-home learning, virtual learning has become the new normal.

The future of education and the world itself is somewhat up in the air, which has led most to favour online learning as the most sustainable, consistent, and safe means for education.

The good news is that this remote learning comes with the flexibility to help students establish their routines in a safe and contained learning environment. As an online school in Saskatchewan, Flex ED is proud to provide a safe learning environment for K to Grade 12 students.


Where You Can Learn: The Best Environments

While the classroom provides students with a destination for learning every day, students can achieve a similar sense of routine and familiarity while learning at home. There are various safe environments where students can learn outside of the classroom.

  • Learning Pods

Learning pods have become an increasingly prevalent alternative means for education. These safe “pods” are composed of small groups of 3 to 6 students led by educational professionals. These pods help provide socialization, consistency, and a sense of normalcy while maintaining safety.

If parents are not comfortable hosting these pods, students can also come together in common areas like backyards and parks while the weather permits.

  • Home Office

Since virtual learning looks like it will be our new normal for the foreseeable future, you may want to consider creating an area in your home that is specifically allotted to your child’s learning. Creating a workstation for your student can be a great way to help create a learning environment where they can focus and study while learning online at home.

  • The Backyard

Especially when the weather is nice, it can be hard for students to stay inside. Consider helping them set up a working area outside where they can enjoy the fresh air while also learning and continuing with their schoolwork. If your student needs some support from a friend, you can arrange distanced backyard schoolwork dates.

  • The Park

Keep your online student active. If you can hook up an internet hotspot for your student, you can consider a weekly trip to the park for learning (weather permitted). This can be a nice change of scenery and, if you sanitize the surface of a park bench, lay down a tablecloth, wear a mask, and keep your distance, this is a safe option for remote learning.


Cleaning Solutions: Keeping Your Environment Clean

Various cleaning solutions can help you keep your child’s environment sanitary. The best solutions include:

  • Hand Washing: Ensure that you and your students are maintaining consistent and thorough handwashing practices, including washing your hands before touching your face, and after touching mail, groceries, etc.
  • Sanitizing: When learning at home, encourage your student to maintain sanitary habits like sanitizing their keyboards and materials to prevent any cross contamination from other contacted objects. This is also a good hygienic habit to have in general.
  • Wear a Mask: When your student learns with others in a learning pod or outside, encourage them to wear a mask unless otherwise advised. This is a good habit for them to maintain if they go into any public place like a doctor’s office or a grocery store.

Flex ED: Our E-Learning Environment

Flex ED is proud to be an alternative, safe, and consistent education provider. As an online school, we can provide a curriculum-based education that allows students to succeed in their academic journeys.

In addition to providing e-learning that aligns with the current curriculum, we will also be partnering with Sylvan and other institutions to provide safe “pods” that students can sign up to work in.

Flex ED is temporarily accepting waiting list applications for Primary & Middle School Enrolment for the 2020/2021 school year.