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Primary School

For students in K- Grade 5

Full-Time Primary School 
  • Must be a Saskatchewan resident
  • Access to high-speed internet, scanner, printer, a decent computer, mic/speakers/webcam (headset recommended)

    Did you know that Flex ED offers a French Immersion Online Program for Grade 5 and Grade 6 students? This is a unique opportunity for students to continue their French language learning in an immersive, online format. This program, like all the Flex ED programs, follows the Saskatchewan Provincial Curriculum. All core subjects are delivered in French by qualified and certified French Immersion teachers (French Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, and – for Grade 6 –  Career Education). Through this program, students develop their skills in French speaking, listening, reading, and writing while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of virtual lea rning.If you are entering Grade 5 or Grade 6 in the French Immersion Program this fall, come join us at Flex Ed for this wonderful opportunity!


Program Overview

  • Join our 300+ students as they embrace our learning philosophy from the comfort of their own environment
  • Our subject-based teachers are assigned to each full-time student. Students will have more than one teacher guiding them through different subjects


**Registration Fee is non-refundable

September 2024 Registration

$1000+/year Tuition 
  • + $300 yearly single student
    Registration Fee
    + $500 yearly for a family of 2 or more students
    Registration Fee

Register for 2024/2025

Note: Students must be a resident of Saskatchewan!

What We've Been Up To

Cost & Tuition
Our annual calendar starts in September in Saskatchewan and goes to the 3rd week of June. We follow very similar vacation breaks to other public schools in Saskatchewan but best to refer to the current calendar.


  • Registration Fee = $300 (Paid only once) for single students or $500 for a family of 2 or more students.



Registration Fee, What's That?
Your registration fee covers basic costs not associated with tuition, or covered by the Provincial Government. These costs include:
  • Registration Costs
  • Government Paperwork
  • Textbooks & Material
  • Administration & Support
  • Teacher Prep
  • Much More

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Flex ED is a fully accredited school and is recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

All courses are taught through a fully certified Saskatchewan teacher, who is available for contact.

Flex ED supports full-time students in Kindergarten, through Grade 12, with an additional Adult Education Program.

The full-time registration for students includes access to core courses and a variety of electives, all of which are in line with the Province of Saskatchewan’s curriculum.

Tests and assignments are marked by a fully certified Saskatchewan teacher. If your child needs extra support, teachers are available to answer additional questions.

Yes, resourcesand materials used in classes are available through our online learning platform 24/7. If your child is needing extra material separate from what is given, it can be provided.

You will receive provincial standing for each grade level successfully completed, all of which are recognized by post-secondary institutions.

Students are given the flexibility to build their learning around their lifestyle. Students can complete class material, and listen to lectures on their own schedule.

Students enrolled in Flex ED have the ability to communicate with their designated teacher for support. In addition, students can interact with each other to congregate on common problems, and to assist each other in their learning.