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Flex ED Qualified Independent School was created to provide students and parents with a Ministry-approved and regulated alternative to traditional education models.

Flex ED was founded in 2005 using educational technology as a solution to the many challenges found in traditional schooling. The school was first registered in Saskatchewan in 2005 and then became a Qualified Independent School in 2012. 

Flex ED is a virtual school with Saskatchewan certified teachers, which also provides opportunities for in-person learning events and activities, such as Driver Education.

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Flex ED is a unique option for students residing in Saskatchewan. Being a part of a vibrant learning community, and having the ability to learn virtually and in person, is why our students keep coming back year after year.
If you're a Saskatchewan student looking for more flexibility in your daily routine, we welcome you to our school without walls!

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Ann Cook
Principal, Flex ED School

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students  First

Flex ED

We pride ourselves on a students FIRST approach, it is the foundation of our school.

We aim to empower our students so that they can flourish far past their primary, middle, and high school years.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to develop active minds, stimulate creative thinking, and teach our students a sense of compassion for the world in which we live.

  • Our Values

    We are guided in the undertaking of providing a positive school experience, based around our unique set of values which allow us to produce a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all. Whether a student, teacher, or faculty member, we uphold the following basic values, to enhance a commitment to a supportive, and constructive school environment: fairness, integrity, respect, success, and teamwork.