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  • $500 /Course


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Price is Per Student Must be a resident of Saskatchewan!

High School Individual Courses!
  • Must be a Saskatchewan resident for credits
  • Access to high-speed internet, scanner, printer, a decent computer, mic/speakers/webcam (headset recommended)


Program Overview
Our High School Courses are asynchronous which means that there are NO REAL TIME teachers. Our philosophy holds that by High School over 90% of student work will be self-directed. They will utilize their teachers for tutoring when needed, feedback and marking but will essentially be teaching themselves through our curriculum.

At the beginning of the year, each learning consultant (teacher) provides an online orientation to the parents and students that will acclimate your family to the way our school operates.

When and where students do there work is up to them as long as students complete Quizzes, Assignments, and Projects based on the pre-set deadlines. The opportunity to work ahead is available upon teacher consent.


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Cost & Tuition

Our annual calendar starts the first Wednesday after Labour Day weekend in Saskatchewan and goes to the 3rd week of June. We follow very similar vacation breaks to other public schools in Saskatchewan but best to refer to the current calendar.

  • $500.00 per course
  • Fees must be paid in advance
  • No school fee


School Fee, What's That?
Your schooling fee covers basic costs not associated with tuition, or covered by the Provincial Government. These costs include:
  • Registration Costs
  • Government Paperwork
  • Textbooks & Material
  • Administration & Support
  • Teacher Prep
  • Much More
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