Open Classroom Camp 2024

Empower with independent review for all Kindergarten to Grade 9 Students. 

What is Open Classroom Camp?

Join Open Classroom Camp to unlock the power of staying ahead! This one-month program offers the perfect opportunity for students to review their grade content, catch up on missed assignments, and stay engaged over the summer, ensuring they’re ready and confident for the next school year.

Open To All

Open to all students, both current and non-current Flex ED students, based on their 2023-2024 grade level. It's perfect for those seeking summer enrichment and to stay engaged with their studies!

Independently Led

While teacher assistance won't be available during this time, new students will receive a comprehensive orientation in the classroom. Orientation will be provided via an online meeting.

How does it work?

Open Classroom Camp is available to current Flex ED students based on their 2023-2024 grade level, as well as to non-Flex ED students seeking summer enrichment for the grade they just completed. This program aims to keep students engaged through the summer, though no teacher assistance will be available during this time. New students will receive a comprehensive orientation through an online meeting.

- Registration: Open from July 8 to July 15, 2024. Classroom access begins within this window, but all classrooms will close by August 15th for September preparation. Late registrants pay the same fee but have reduced access time.


The cost is $50 per course for grades 1-9 and $25 per course for Kindergarten.  This fee provides access to the entire course selected without a real-time teaching component.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a realtime teacher helping my student?

No, there won't be real-time teacher instruction for your students. Flex ED's Open Classroom Camp is designed for independent review. Newcomers will receive orientation sessions within the classroom, facilitated through online meetings.

How long will my classroom be open?

Classrooms will be open for one month, with initial access no sooner than July 8, 2024.  They will close on August 15, 2024.

Who can register for Open Classroom Camp?

The program is open to all, catering to both current K-9 Flex ED students according to their 2023-2024 grade registration and non-Flex ED students seeking summer enrichment for the grade they've just completed.

How much does it cost?

The program costs $50 per course for grades 1-9, lasting for one month, and $25 per course for Kindergarten, lasting for one month. It operates similarly to Flex ED Select, where participants pay per course, but without the teaching component.

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