often asked questions

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  • What are the costs involved? Am I paying for Flex ED?

    For full-time Students, the only costs involved are the initial School fee. The Government of Saskatchewan covers the complete cost of tuition.

  • What grades does Flex ED cover?

    Flex ED supports full-time students in Kindergarten, through Grade 12, with an additional Adult Education Program.

  • Is curriculum the same as traditional schools?

    The full-time registration for students includes access to core courses and a variety of electives, all of which are in line with the Province of Saskatchewan’s curriculum.

  • How does the grading system work? What if my child needs extra support?

    Tests and assignments are marked by a fully certified Saskatchewan teacher. If your child needs extra support, teachers are available to answer additional questions.

  • Are there extra resources and materials available?

    Yes, resources and materials used in classes are available through our online learning platform 24/7. If your child is needing extra material separate from what is given, it can be provided.

  • Is Flex ED fully accredited?

    Yes, Flex ED is a fully accredited school and is recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

  • Are post-secondary institutions willing to accept Flex ED courses?

    You will receive provincial standing for each grade level successfully completed, all of which are recognized by post-secondary institutions.

  • What is the time commitment? Is this aspect flexible?

    Students are given the flexibility to build their learning around their lifestyle. Students can complete class material, and listen to lectures on their own schedule.

  • What type of support is offered to current students?

    Students enrolled in Flex ED have the ability to communicate with their designated teacher for support. In addition, students can interact with each other to congregate on common problems, and to assist each other in their learning.

  • Who is teaching my child?

    All courses are taught through a fully certified Saskatchewan teacher, who is available for contact.