Strategies for Parents of Home-based Students

Words like homeschooling and home-based learning can send some parents running for the hills. We’re here to tell you: there’s no reason to run.

Sure, parents of children who learn from home have to plan strategically. But by implementing a few ideas right off the hop, they find that home-based learning is hardly about hassle, and mostly about convenience.

Be willing to learn.

Kids will be much more willing to learn if their parents are. Parents who are open to new ideas, suggestions, and feedback will help their children be more open, too, especially in the transition phase from classroom to home.

Create the right environment.

Home settings are often less distracting than classroom ones. But it’s still crucial that parents help their kids create a space that’s ideal for learning. Finding a space that’s quiet, well lit, and free from clutter is key.

Encourage discipline.

Students who stay organized, track their due dates, and work diligently on assignments perform better. Simple, right? The key behind it all is discipline. Parents might remind their children that daily diligence is a good thing and will get them to where they want to go—and give them more free time later.

Utilize instructors.

Flex ED instructors are here precisely to help their students. But parents who have questions or concerns should reach out, too. Regular communication with instructors can be very beneficial.

Thinking About Online Courses?

Flex ED offers a unique education alternative that embraces a “school without walls” approach to learning. The program is flexible to meet the growing needs of students and their families in the greater global community. Flex ED’s empowerment model for teaching and learning is on the cutting edge of educational trends, upholding the philosophy that school occurs wherever learning takes place. Through technology, social media, and teacher support, students learn and grow in a safe, supportive online environment.


Flex ED provides the complete Saskatchewan curriculum of education, supervised and marked by a Saskatchewan certified teacher.

Whether students are looking for an online school or need help supplementing a homeschool curriculum, Flex ED can help to facilitate those needs. Learn more at