Activities Your Online Student Will Actually Love

It goes without saying that online students deserve a break from their lessons, but do breaks really need to mean unproductive time? While there is definitely value in running around outside to get fresh air and relaxing the mind, there are a variety of fun educational activities your online child can do in between their classes.

We think that these activities are the perfect balance between fun and exciting, and educational and thought-provoking. Tweet us at @FlexEDSchool to let us know if you try any of these activities!

Have a Lesson On Their Favourite Musician, Actor or Athlete

Ed Sheeran’s life story may not be on any provincial curriculum, but that doesn’t mean there’s not merit in creating fun lessons in between online schooling classes. Learning about something they are interested in is the perfect way to get your online student excited to learn about some other things they may be less familiar with! For example, if your student is big on classic rock you can do a lesson on the rolling stones and rock music culture. If sports are more your online learner’s thing, do a history lesson on major sports milestones.


Watch a Movie & Make Connections

If you’re going to have your online student watch a movie or TV show on break, that’s totally okay — because you can still make it a learning experience! During the last 15 minutes of break, talk to your child about the connections they can make between their studies and what they just watched. Get your online student thinking by engaging them with the things they already love! It won’t even feel like work to them, but it will get them thinking critically and analytically.



Play 30 Minutes Of a Video Game and Have Them Write Out The Story

It doesn’t matter what video game your child is playing if they get a half hour break to play Super Smash Bros get creative to make it educational. After they have their downtime playing, have your online student write out a short story based on the game they played — maybe two characters are feuding, or your student’s favourite side character is taking the lead.

This activity will help with their storytelling skills and will encourage them to think more creatively. Video game time isn’t useless — it stretches the imagination and all your student needs is a little push to take their video game session and transform it into an English exercise.


Have Them Read a Comic Book Page & Continue the Story

Comic books are incredibly popular nowadays with the rise of graphic novels like Amulet and Dog Man. To make the reading process more educational, have your student read a bit of their comic book, and then complete the story by drawing out their own comic strip!




Lego is a classic toy for the reason that it is fun, and a mental challenge. If you have a younger student at home, give them a fun goal (eg. make a tower that can support one of their books) and then let them at it! These types of exercises are exciting because they involve a toy they love, but it gets them thinking. What’s there not to love about Lego?