How To Personalize Your Student’s Workspace

It’s been established that having a designated workspace is incredibly important for an online learner. Having a personal work area helps to encourage independence, and helps a child associate the space with learning.

Online learning is made even more fun for a child when they have a space of their own to engage in it. After all, having their own work area means they can personalize it to reflect who they are and how they learn.

We’ve compiled some tips that suggest all the ways your online student can make their workspace their own:


Personal Photos:

Does your online student have a favourite picture of them with their friends? With a sibling or cousin? There’s a reason why people always have pictures of their loved ones at their office or on their desk, It provides both inspiration and comfort.


DIY Decor:

Help your child decorate their workspace. Have them create pieces to make the space truly their own. There are countless mason jar activities and other DIY decor items that can be created and displayed on a desk. Our favourite? This Pinterest-approved DIY Mason Jar desk organizer.


Organizational Board:

A cork board or whiteboard is ideal for a workspace. This is the perfect addition to a learning area as it gives your student the opportunity to plan out their day. While computer and mobile apps are great tools for organizing the day, having a board will allow your student to write out and visualize their day to day tasks. Amazon actually has a dry-erase peel and stick white board decal, which will remove the hassle of hanging up a physical board!



Sometimes natural light just doesn’t cut it – add a fun lighting fixture to your child’s workspace! Desk lamps are affordable and available everywhere. This Ikea one for example is unique and available to purchase online!


Utilize Blank Wall Space:

If you’re comfortable with sticky tack on your wall, let your student put up inspiring posters and pictures on the wall by their workspace! Sticky tack ensures no damage to any paint, and gives a child the independence of being able to get creative and own their space! Considering sticky tack is so easy to take off and on, every once in a while they can re-decorate! This will also keep the space updated, and interesting.



Storage Space:

Does your child have countless coloured pens and notebooks? Storage boxes make the perfect addition to a work station, especially if you’re low on drawers and shelves. We love these ones from Ikea that will allow your student to organize their papers, utensils, textbooks and more!


A Fun Garbage Can:

We all need to get into the habit of taking out the garbage at some time. What better incentive to get into the good habit than having a unique hand-picked one! There are plenty of colourful ones to pick from on Amazon!


Adjust The Chair:

Its common to leave a chair the way it is, and end up sitting too high or too low. To make sure your personal space is well catered to you student, make sure the chair is adjusted to make them comfortable.