How Homeschooling Can Help Kids Become High Performance Athletes

]Many children and young adults share a love of athletics and high performance activities. A traditional school schedule, however, limits valuable practice time for those who enjoy sports or who wish to pursue a sport in a highly competitive or professional capacity.

As homeschooling becomes increasingly popular across the United States and Canada, parents are finding that homeschooling allows their children to focus more on athletics and to excel in the activities they are most interested in.

More time to Practice

For aspiring athletes, practice time is what counts, and with homeschooling, they can have more of it any day of the week. By going through an online program, students can select classes strategically, complete assignments at their own pace, and have ample time for hockey or ballet or whichever activity they have chosen to dedicate themselves to.

With a flexible schedule, students can take advantage of free time and fill it with additional training, if they’re so inclined. By the time college rolls around, they’ll likely have an advantage over those who did not have this kind of flexibility.



To be considered for an athletic scholarship, a student must have excellent athletic ability as well as an impressive academic record.

Studies show that homeschooled students score above average on achievement tests; on standard academic tests, they score 15 to 30 percentile points above students who are in public school. Students who are home-based also perform above average on the SAT and ACT.

A customized learning program enables students to perform better academically and athletically, thus enhancing their scholarship eligibility.



Time Management

With online classes, students learn quickly how to manage their time, while in traditional schools, students have time managed for them.

We all know how crucial time management is in all aspects of life. Home-based students get a head start in mastering this skill, and consequently, become better students and athletes.


How FlexED Can Help

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