The School Year Can Be as Fun as the Summertime: Preparing Your Students for Back-to-School

The summertime has been exciting, relaxing, and fun for students, but it’s time to start thinking about back to school. For parents of children who attend online school, it can look a little bit different to get your child ready for the new year. But still, there are so many things that need to be done, to get your child settled before online school starts. Here are a few things parents can do to get themselves and their children ready for back to school.

Get the Family Back into a Routine

Summertime means sleeping in, staying up late, and not adhering to a strict schedule. It’s great for kids to have this freedom over the summer, but with school, comes the need for a routine. So, start mandating early bedtimes and wake-up times. To ensure your child can wake up and go to bed on time during the school year, ease them into this routine during the last few weeks of summer.

Plan a Productive Morning Routine

No matter what you want your kids to do in the morning—for example, things like making their beds, picking out their clothes, and eating breakfast—it’s vital to let your kids know your expectations before school starts. As a family, discuss what needs to be done each morning, and even more, plan out what time these things should be completed. When your children know what time school starts and what time their morning activities should be completed, they’ll be less surprised when school starts.

Buy Fun Clothes and Shoes

Just because your child is participating in online school doesn’t mean that back-to-school essentials are any less important! Let your child pick out a few new clothing items. This way, they’ll be just as confident in themselves as the public school kids are when they start a new school year. With a new year comes the need for new clothes and shoes, so celebrate the school year by going shopping in the late summer days.

Change up Your Child’s Workplace

If it’s your child’s first year participating in online school, you’ll need to create a workspace for them. But if your child has been in online school before, still, you need to make changes to their workspace. As kids grow, their space should evolve. So, talk to your child about how they’d like to decorate their workspace, where they’d like their workspace to be, and other logistics. Kids love to be included in the decorating process, so together, make a space that feels comfortable for your student.

Plan Some Fun Weekend Activities

During the summer, students have more freedom to do exciting things and go to thrilling places—but one perk of online school is its increased flexibility. So, talk to your child about potential weekend trips that you can do together. This helps your child have fun activities to look forward to. Maybe, you can plan a trip to the zoo on the first weekend after school starts. Or, you can take the family to see a movie on the Friday night after the first week of school. Your child will start online school a little bit more excited when they have things to look forward to.

Prepare for Extracurricular Activities

Whether your child is in a club or on sports teams, make sure your child is prepared for their extracurricular activities. You might need to buy supplies or make a schedule, but whatever you have to do to prepare, make sure your child is aware of all the fun activities they have after school, this school year.

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