Flex ED & Leader In Me: Student Leadership Opportunities

Flex ED is excited to announce that we are officially a Leader in Me school! As a Leader in Me school, we will follow a framework that provides a unique approach to integrating highly effective practices throughout a school’s culture. 


Leader in Me is a program promoting leadership, culture, and academics through a unique foundation of thoughtfulness and empowerment. The program is in thousands of schools in over 50 countries around the globe, and Flex ED is excited to join the community. 


Flex ED will embody the program’s thoughtful and inspiring philosophies to give students the tools they need to succeed independently. Instead of only focusing on academic measures, by being a Leader in Me school, we will embody a holistic approach to education and redefine how we measure success.

What is a Leader in Me School


You may be wondering, what does it mean for Flex ED to be a Leader in Me school? Leader in Me is an Award-Winning Leadership Training program that helps schools put forth a framework to revolutionize their classrooms and approach to education. 


Leader in Me promotes the idea that “anyone can be a leader by intentionally leading one’s own life.” Implementing the Leader in Me’s approach and framework empowers Flex ED with effective practices and tools to execute a mission and maintain a philosophy that prioritizes::


  • Teaching LEADERSHIP to every student, 
  • Creating  a CULTURE of student empowerment, 
  • and aligning systems to drive results in ACADEMICS. 

The Framework


The framework executed by Leader in Me schools follows core pillars; SEE, DO and GET.



Leader in Me schools ask teachers and students to see and focus on five core paradigms.


  1. Paradigm of Leadership: See that leadership is for everyone, not that leadership is for the few.
  2. Paradigm of Potential: See that there is genius in everyone, not that only a few people are gifted.
  3. Paradigm of Change: See that change starts with you, not that the system needs to change for you
  4. Paradigm of Motivation: See every student’s ability to empower their own learning, not that teachers need to direct and control learning.
  5. Paradigm of Education: See how families and educators can work together to develop and empower students as a whole, not only their academics.

Do: Leadership, Culture & Academics


Leader in Me schools challenge students to do, so that they can do what they need to, to get their achievements. This is the SEE > DO > GET mentality 



Do: Encourage leadership through Leadership Culture Academics that start with adults learning and modeling. Leadership is facilitated through Principal & Coordinator Development and teaching students to lead through direct lessons, integrated approaches and service learning


Get: By encouraging leadership in teachers and students, you are able to get a team of leaders who are independent and highly effective. 



Do: Leader in Me schools form a culture surrounding trust in leadership by creating an environment that is physical and makes students feel their voice is heard and affirmed. This is done through leadership events, action teams, empowering student voices and encouraging students to step into leadership roles. 


Get: By forming a collaborative and encouraging culture, schools are able to establish a high-trust school culture where students’ voices are heard and their potential is affirmed. 



Do: Leader in Me schools focus on and deliver a high level of education to empower students and help them achieve their goals.


While goal reaching is encouraged and established for individual, team, and collective school goals, empowerment is achieved by instruction, student led conferences and establishing portfolios. 


Get: By providing students with the tools and encouragement they need to set and achieve their goals, the leader in me approach engages students and gives them the tools they need to lead their own learning. 

Flex ED Partnerships

Flex ED is proud to have partnerships with various programs to help expand its scope of education, and provide a higher level of service to its students. In addition to Leader in Me, Flex ED has formed partnerships with Sylvan and more.