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We are excited to officially announce that Flex ED has partnered with Sylvan Learning, a leader in Saskatchewan's education space. Utilizing Sylvan Learning's existing infrastructure and resources will allow us to extend Flex ED's programs throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

If you�re interested in speaking with an education expert from Sylvan Learning who can help guide you in placing your student this September, please book a free 15-minute call below.


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SK Certified Teachers


Open to any SK Resident


  • Will we still be able to stay at home and learn online?

    You will be able to choose to learn at home or there is an option for real space learning at a Sylvan Learning Centre. Please note that in person spaces are limited so registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Is there a cost?

    Although Flex ED does not charge tuition for students registered by Sept 20th, 2020, Sylvan Learning does have an additional fee based on the learning package that you choose.

  • Is there a deadline to register for the Flex ED School/Sylvan Learning Program?

    Yes, the deadline to register is Sept 20th, 2020.

  • Will we still receive our accredited education and high school credits and be part of your School Without Walls?

    Yes, Sylvan learning is providing Saskatchewan certified teachers that will deliver the Flex ED program at a distance and in some cases, in real space.

  • Will my child be able to go back to public school next year in their next grade level?

    Yes, Flex ED is accredited by the Government of Saskatchewan and so all of their marks and credits follow the student to their next school.

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Register by September 20th, 2020