Why Military Families Are Homeschooling Their Kids

As homeschooling becomes increasingly popular across Canada the United States, more and more military families are turning to this learning option. Because military personnel are often sent to train or serve at different bases across the country, their children are also required to move and adjust to new schools. For some children, these moves can create feelings of insecurity and instability, which ultimately impact their educational experience and even self-confidence later in life.

Living in a military household can be difficult for children. On average, military families move every three years due to redeployment. Because of this, many families have begun to embrace the idea of homeschooling to avoid changing schools on a regular basis.

Some parents may feel they aren’t qualified enough to teach their children, or don’t know where to start. That’s why many parents are taking advantage of online courses, which allow them to relax: they know their children are being taught and guided by professionals.

Online learning is a smart choice for families in the military, providing a stable learning environment in the midst of frequent change.

Getting into a Solid Routine


When changing schools and curriculum often, children can get behind on their studies. Just when they begin to get into the swing of their daily routines, the family may have to leave once again. Although a new location can be exciting, a new school and a new educational routine may not be.


With a virtual education, parents are able to keep track of their child’s studies, and children are able to stay engaged and stay in a solid routine. No matter where they are, students can log in and go right back to where they left off. There’s no more catching up on a new subject. No more backtracking on subjects that have already been explored. With an online education, kids can do what they do best (be kids!) and not have to worry about falling behind in school.

More Time with the Family


Having access to online courses 24/7 can open many doors for students. They can focus on the subjects they are most interested in and even get ahead. This allows more time for activities they’re interested in, and more time for family, too.

How Flex ED Can Help

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We understand the frustration that often accompanies military families when it comes to their children’s education. That’s why we offer families a flexible and stress-free learning alternative. We offer courses for K-12 and have a dedicated team of professionals that will help guide your child through a customized educational program.

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