Overscheduled Families – How an Online Education Can Help

Have you ever felt like your child was too busy? Overscheduled? In countless activities? Has exhaustion become the norm for your family? With basketball practice and dentist appointments and homework, a balanced schedule may seem far out of reach. We have news: it isn’t.

Busy parents and students are turning away from traditional all day schooling to online education options for relief. With the convenience and flexibility of online classes, students are able to strategize their learning, enabling them to tackle their studies more effectively and at times that are most appropriate for their schedule. This lessens the pressure, allowing more time for each activity and more quality time with the family, too.


We know that organized activities and sports are beneficial for our kids, that they help to develop social skills, sportsmanship, and self-discipline. But balance is important, too, and often forgotten. Many parents and students in 2016 find themselves overwhelmed by expectations to be busy, be involved, and be active, and are running ragged in an attempt to do it all.[/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]


A photo by Aidan Meyer. unsplash.com/photos/Q9GlzfhYgGk

The Solution


Flex ED allows parents and students to take back control of their schedules. To make family time a priority. To make room for what’s important, and to take away the rush rush rush mentality.

Flex ED offers a unique education alternative that embraces a “school without walls” approach to learning. The program is flexible to meet the growing needs of students and their families in the greater global community. Flex ED’s empowerment model for teaching and learning is on the cutting edge of educational trends, upholding the philosophy that school occurs wherever learning takes place. Through technology, social media, and teacher support, students learn and grow in a safe, supportive online environment.

Flex ED provides the complete Saskatchewan curriculum of education, supervised and marked by a Saskatchewan certified teacher.

Whether students are looking for an online school or need help supplementing a homeschool curriculum, Flex ED can help to facilitate those needs. Learn more at www.flexed.ca.