5 Tips For Eating Healthy On a Time Crunch

When you are working, cleaning and helping your child make the most of their online learning experience, cooking and meal management can be pushed to the wayside  and we get it. Healthy eating requires a lot of planning and preparation.

What you may not know, is that healthy eating doesn’t need to be so time consuming  we know how impossible it can feel to make time for cooking and meal planning when you have 20 other responsibilities.

Plus, with your online learner engaged in their education and busy with school tasks, lunch breaks can’t be hours and hours. It’s key to manage time so that your meals are not only healthy, but efficient.


Meal Prep

You’ve heard it time and time again; meal prep is a great way to stay healthy during the week. Meal prep is effective for you and your children, as it will be easier for both of you to organize your food.

Plus, you can make an activity out of it! Meal prep with your child for some fun bonding time and to show them how fun and easy healthy eating can be.

Ready Made Foods

We’re not talking about frozen chicken, we’re talking more about ready made rotisserie chicken. Buying some fresh, ready made food will help speed up your cooking process without sacrificing healthy eating.

From ready made salads to chicken, grocery stores boast great hot tables with fresh, warm food.

Now, we don’t suggest making this your entire meal, but pick one thing to buy fresh so that things balance out! Buy the rotisserie chicken but make a salad at home! This kind of meal is great for a couple days and will make for a good lunch and maybe even dinner for you and your student.


Grocery Delivery Services

When grocery delivery services first rose in popularity, the question of their necessity came into play but now more than ever we understand why these services are needed.

If you and your student are busy in your at home classroom, and running between extra curriculars, grocery delivery services are a great way to save some time, while staying healthy!

Instead of ordering fast food, you can have some fresh ingredients delivered to your home for a quick and healthy meal.


Recipe & Meal Planning Apps

Utilizing an app to plan your groceries and recipes is a great way to be efficient about your healthy eating!  The Mealime app for example allows you to plan out your groceries, recipes and meals ahead of time. You can even create menus that will make lunch times that much easier (and healthier).

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that helps to plan and assemble healthy meals on a time crunch. The way it works is that you pick a plan based on how many people you are feeding, and get recipe cards for healthy meals. These cards get sent to you along with the exact amount of ingredients you need for the meal.

With HelloFresh you get the benefit of fresh ingredients and the experience of cooking without the extra time of chopping vegetables, defrosting or planning ahead.