Supplies To Get Your Child Prepared For E-Learning

Nothing says “back to school” quite like shopping for supplies — pens, pencils, markers… the list goes on. It’s safe to say every student needs something before heading back.

Online schooling comes with a unique set of supplies. Here is a list of supplies we suggest our students be equipped with before embarking on a new year of online learning and education.


1) A Computer Or Tablet


What is e-learning without a device? Flex ED requires a modern laptop or desktop for seamless learning. Our services are also available on a number of tablets, but note that while our platform is fully compatible with Android, it isn’t yet fully optimized for the iPad.

Whether brand new or refurbished, there are easy ways to make your child feel like this device is their own. New cases for computers, a unique mouse, stickers etc, little things like these can help get them excited about starting school on their own device.


2) A Charger



Nothing is worse than seeing that ‘low battery’ notification pop up right in the middle of an important lesson. For those learning on their laptop or tablet, always having a charger nearby is rule #1. Rule #2, if it’s a portable device you’re working on, always remember to charge it at night. Devices usually come with a charger, but if your charger is beaten and battered, the school year is the perfect excuse to pick up a new one.


3) Working Space




It is important to supply your student with some sort of personal space exclusive to learning. An office, or nook in their bedroom is the perfect place to set up a station. Even something simple works, like a side of the kitchen table reserved just for them.

If you already have a workspace set up for your at-home student, have them personalize their area with posters for example to get them ready and excited for the new school year!


4) Agenda


Agendas are usually associated with in-classroom learning, but kids learning from home can also benefit from one. Planners will help students keep track of their upcoming work or jot down quick notes. This provides children with the freedom to independently stay organized by keeping themselves on track.

If your child is more inclined to stay organized on their computers, we suggest an app like My Study Life which is fantastic for keeping your school schedule on track and up to date.


5) Earphones 



Learning at home doesn’t need to be associated with distraction. Noise cancelling headphones are perfect to prevent distraction and encourage focus while learning. Plus, these types of headphones tend to last a while — and are bound to become your child’s new favourite item. If you’re in the market, these ones are currently on sale at Best Buy!





7) Dry Erase Board




It’s a good idea for your child to organize their own schedules — a dry erase  calendar board is a quick and easy way for a young student to map out what their day will look like, when they can break, and what homework needs to be done on a daily basis. We love this whiteboard from Amazon because it has places for you to plan your day!


8) Microphone


As your child may be interacting with their online teachers, they will require a microphone to ensure easy communication. This also helps get them in the e-learning mind set and encourages them to be that much more tech savvy. At the same time, the interaction also provides that one on one socialization most associate with a classroom setting. You can opt for either a wireless mic like this one, or headphones that come with a mic — it’s totally up to you and what’s most useful for your child.

Supply shopping is easily one of the most exciting parts of going back to school, and now is the time to get them set up. With Flex ED’s 2018/2019 year coming up, you’re going to want to reserve your spot while they are still available!