Winter Break Giveaway



Let see your workspace! Winter break is fast approaching and we want to see your excitement and spirit — and give away some awesome prizes. Whatever you celebrate, we want to see those decorations on your desk, around your house or wherever you learn. 

How To Enter:

1. Decorate your workspace however you want, whether you’re putting Christmas lights around your computer, or you’ve made a desk in the snow, we want to see it!

2. Fill out the contest form with your student’s name and the best email to contact you by, then upload your picture, and just like that, you’re entered!

3. Stay tuned on December 21 at 3pm Saskatchewan time when we draw the names for the top 3 winners. You will receive an email that morning with a webinar join link so you can watch us live draw the winner!

4. The contest winner will also be announced on Facebook and will receive an email from one of our Flex ED staff.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!