5 Apps For Your At-Home Student

The key to online learning is organization; time management, efficient note taking etc.

When your online student is taking it upon themselves to be independent with their learning, it’s important for them to know what kind of resources can help them stay strategized and on track.

We rounded up a list of apps that can help your online student stay organized from task management to note taking:


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Evernote: Note Taking

Evernote has been around for a long time, solidifying itself as the ideal note taking app. The cloud-based software provides students the option to sync their notes on two devices, and has room for 60 MB of data per month. Using evernote, students will be able to work with others on files, bookmark web pages, add notes to file attachments, and more! Basic functions like note taking and syncing are free, but users can have access to some extra data and services for a small price of $9.99 a month.



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My Study Life
: Scheduling

My study life gives students a place to organize their tasks, create to do lists, and establish reminders. The app is cloud based and helps to stay on top of things by having everything school related in one place. An app like this helps students plan their day, and stay up to date on their daily tasks. It inspires independence, and shows students at a young age just how valuable time management is.


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Class Manager: Task Management

Similar to My Study Life, this app will give your online student the ability to plug in all of their assignments, and digitally prioritize them. This helps your student be able to see everything they have to do, and decide how to organize themselves. Tasks can be split up by subject, and can incorporate extra information like teachers names.


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STUDYBLUE Flashcards
: Studying

Is your child getting ready for a test? This app will help them make their own flashcards — plus, it even provides the opportunity to share the flashcards with friends and family! You can also take notes on StudyBlue. The cherry on top? It can be connected with Evernote! It can actually take your evernote notes and turn them into flashcards — how convenient is that?



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: To Do List

Over 10 million people use this free app — and your online student should to! Todoist will help your child organize their tasks seamlessly and efficiently. It is a platform that allows you to both organize and prioritize both tasks and projects. It is the perfect place for your student to organize their day to day tasks like homework, studying, and more extensive projects.