We Love These Tips From Homeschooling Moms On YouTube

The homeschooling community online is incredibly prominent, backed by a strong following on YouTube. Naturally, we find ourselves watching a lot of videos from influencers within the community. These homeschooling moms making videos are extremely generous with their time and their advice.

Because we regularly love watching these homeschooling moms posting on YouTube, we rounded up some of their best tips that they’ve divulged in their videos:


Grace and Grit: Keep Your House Cleaned



When your house is your classroom, it can get tricky to keep your space clean. We love how homeschooling mom Grace and Grit walks us through the best ways to keep the house clean when your kids are learning from home.


A Common Life: No Food Or Drink In The Workspace Area



Keeping your student’s workspace clean is a necessity. Their work area should be associated with work, the kitchen associated with eating. A Common Life suggests (1:08) that water bottles and sealable snacks are totally okay, but keep in mind what you’re giving the, you don’t want learning resources like textbooks to get dirty or ruined from sticky fingers!


This Gathered Nest: Don’t Dwell On Missed Days



In her video: (1:30) This Gathered Nest raises the solid point that even children in classrooms have to take days off whether it be because they are sick, or due to certain circumstances. It’s important to remember that because you’re homeschooling you’re on your own schedule, its okay if they miss a day there is always more time to make it up!


Joyful Noise Living: Clear Your Schedule



Joyful Noise Living makes the point that when your schedule is “bursting at the seams” you can’t do everything. It’s easy to get inspired and plan to do a lot of different things with your student, but be reasonable when making your schedule.


Heather Torres : Avoid The Burnout



It’s important to be aware of how much you are putting on yourself when you embark on your child learning at home. Of course, this tip is easier said than done which is why Heather Torres made an entire video advising how to do this!


Ally Alvarez: Make Sure Your Sitting Up Straight When At Your Workspace



This YouTuber isn’t a homeschooling mom — but she’s a homeschooled student herself! We specifically love her tip about posture [1:00]. When learning online you’re sitting at a desk or table in front of a computer which means students are likely hunched over to read, or write notes. Make sure your student is sitting upright so that they are getting the most out of their education without hurting their back or neck.


Maureen Wilkinson: Don’t Try To Mimic Traditional School



Especially if you graduated from a public school, it can be a challenge to transition into having your child experience a different type of educational system. Maureen makes the great point that your homeschool “can look like whatever you want it to look like, that suits your family and their needs” [0:30].