What Flex Ed Can Do For Your Child

Flex ED understands that no two students learn the same. This is why we are committed to providing children with the freedom to learn the best way they can — on their own terms. 

E-learning is an incredible way to integrate education into the lives of students as it is based on their unique strengths and preferences. It works with them, instead of against them. Just because a student is dedicated to athletics or learns in a different way doesn’t mean they can’t receive an education — it just means they need to have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. 

Flex ED is able to provide your student with engaging online-education and does so in a way that is cohesive and flexible. Our flexibility, certified teachers and plentiful online resources allow us to provide your child with a wide array of services:


Provide Structured Flexibility 

People often associate flexible education with the idea of lessons or modified curriculum. In reality, however, structured flexibility is about teaching the regulated curriculum in a way that students can retain effectively.

The flexibility associated with e-learning is not about bending rules or removing the challenge from education. It’s about providing students with the time, skills and strategies needed to learn in different ways, without constraints and unrealistic expectations.

Fled ED students are able to complete school material and attend lectures at their own pace, on their own time.


Access to Engaging Clubs

At Flex ED, we understand that education isn’t just about academia — it is also about socializing and making connections. This is why we offer a wide array of clubs to bring students together and encourage them to connect.


The Same Standard & Credibility as Traditional Schools in Canada

Flex ED provides education that aligns with the same standard and credibility as schools in Canada. When you choose our e-learning platform, you can rest easy knowing that your child is learning what is expected in traditional schooling, just without its restraints.


Educational Webinars 

We offer Flex ED Talks to educate both you and your student on all things e-learning and, well, education. These webinars will help both of you prepare for the Flex ED journey and better understand what we are all about, and the impacts of flexible learning.



Guidance From Certified Teachers

Our courses are all taught by Saskatchewan certified teachers who students can contact at any time. They are only an email away making it easy to connect when there are any questions. 


Extra Support

We understand that students will engage with online learning differently, which is why we have support teachers available for students who require more one on one time to just need help to form learning habits.


Covered Tuition

When you sign up for Flex ED before September 24th, you only need to pay school fees of $300, and the government will cover your tuition costs!


Continued Education

If your student is past the normal high school age, you can rest easy knowing that Flex ED provides idividual courses to help get your diplome or GED. Flex ED isn’t just for young children, it’s for anyone seeking a unique educational journey.


If you’re looking to learn more about Flex ED book a private tour with us today!