Back-to-School Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks for Parents of First-Time Online Learners

No matter the reason you chose online school for your child, it can be challenging—but ultimately rewarding—for your student to switch from public school to online school. For both the parent and the student, things could change for the better when a child switches to online learning, but even so, there might still be some difficulties that come with the transition.

The good news is, it’s possible for the transition from public school to Flex ED to be easier when you’re aware of a few handy tips and tricks. Here’s some advice that will make the transition into online school more seamless:

Talk to Your Child about the Forthcoming Changes

When a child starts a new school year, it’s normal for them to have some anxiety about the year ahead. So, make sure you’re having honest conversations with your student. When you do, you can ease their anxieties and answer any questions they have about their new school.

Meet with Other Parents of Children who Participate in Online School

Forming a community is crucial. So, if you’re a first-time parent of an online learner, try to find other families who participate in online school. This way, you can discuss online school with families who understand the program your child is about to participate in. Plus, this is a great way to introduce your child to new friends.

Create an Exciting, but Distraction-Free, Workspace

Students need to be excited to learn. As a parent, creating a workspace that’s engaging, but still distraction-free, is the best way to get your child eager for school. Make sure your child’s workspace is away from toys, televisions, and other things that can steal their attention.

It’s a good idea to have snacks, pillows, and comfortable seating in your child’s work area. Think about it this way: try to model what a traditional classroom would look like, in your home. When you do this, you’ll create a great workspace for your child.

Create a Schedule to Help Your Child Establish Good Time Management Skills

Even though school is online, your child still has to get their work done on time. So, make sure your child understands that even though online school is not like in-person school, it’s still vital to keep a structured schedule, every day. When your child is familiar with their routine, it will be much easier for them to transition into online school.

Ensure Wireless Connection and Computers Are in Working Condition

Because your child will be learning online, it’s vital that your home is equipped with technologies that are reliable and responsive. Make sure your wireless connection and computers can handle your child working from home. If there are issues with the technologies at home, invest in new monitors, keyboards, or whatever else is faulty.

If you don’t have a printer, purchase one now. Printers help students who go to online school because even though school is online, having physical worksheets and learning materials is still important for many learners.

Go School Supply Shopping as You Would for Public School

You still need paper, pencils, binders, and other school materials. So, keep the school supply shopping tradition going, and take your child shopping for new school supplies. Doing this will get your child in the back-to-school spirit, and you’ll both be prepared for the upcoming school year with Flex ED.

Download our 2023 supplies list here:
K – 9 Supplies List
10-12 Supplies List

If it’s your child’s first year with Flex ED, we want to welcome you to our fully-accredited online school. We serve K-12 students, and we’re committed to helping every child learn. For more information about Flex ED and the new school year, contact us.