2020/2021 Club Schedule 


Flex ED Student Clubs

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  • GSA

    Teacher: Chelsey Croft

    Meeting Time: Every Second Thursday 1:30 PM

    Open to grades K-12

  • Photography Club

    Teacher: Taylor Harder & Chelsea Fulmer

    Meeting Time: Wednesdays 4-5 PM

    Open to grades K-9

  • Caring Hearts Club

    Teacher: Kayla Rourke

    Meeting Time: Every Second Monday 3 PM

    Open to grades K-12

  • Phys. ED. Club

    Teacher: McKenzie Hodgins

    Meeting Time: Every Monday & Tuesday 2-2:30 PM

    Open to grades 6-9

  • French Conversational Club

    Teacher: Laureen Schensney

    Meeting Time: Tuesday 4 PM

    Open to grades K-12

  • Lego Masters

    Teacher: Carmen Herzog

    Meeting Time: Thursdays 9:30 AM

    Open to grades 4-9

Looking for more?

Flex ED has a wide variety of clubs offered to all of our students. Some are more targeted to specific age ranges and some are open to everyone. Download our full list of clubs to get started!