How To Eliminate Distractions in Your Home Classroom

When you are learning at home, it can be difficult to stay on track. Distractions are plentiful, but it just takes time to learn how to ignore them and, in some cases, avoid them. Even in a traditional classroom students get distracted, so at the end of the day it’s about teaching your student how to manage these distractions.

In fact, learning from home is the best learning lesson in dealing with distractions as you have more flexibility and creativity in how you stay on task. We rounded up the best ways to eliminate distractions in your homeroom classroom, to help your online student stay focused.


Dedicate A Specific Workspace

If your online student is working in the kitchen, in bed or even in their playroom it can be distracting. If this is an area where they usually playing or do another activity in, it’s hard to focus on doing something else.

A space dedicated to work is imperative so that they have an area that they correlate with doing work. A work space free of technology or other activities is a great way to encourage your student to stay focused on the task at hand.

Don’t Have A TV In The Room (Or Make Sure It’s Off)

We will say it again — make your students work area is TV free. It’s hard to give your full attention to a lesson when your favourite TV show is on. If your child’s workspace is in an area where there is a TV just turn it off until it’s break time or the end of the day.


Avoid Having Phones Or Gadgets Nearby

It’s not news that phones or gadgets are massive distractions. If your online student has a phone, leave it in another room. If you want to make a game of it, make a bet with your student to see how long they can go without touching their phone while they are learning — they will soon realize how a phone can divert their attention when they should be focusing on something else.


Keep Everything Your Student Needs At Arms Reach

A major distraction when learning at home is feeling the constant need to get up to grab things. Your student may feel the need to go to the kitchen for a glass of water or go to the living room for a pen.

Eliminate that need to go get things by making sure your students workspace has everything they may need before the school day begins.

Take Breaks!

If your student is working for long enough, anything will distract them — which is why when they become their own distraction, encourage them to step away. That will clear their head and make them more focused when they return to their learning.

Don’t Be A DIstraction Yourself!

It’s not only on your student to eliminate distractions. After all, one thing bound to get your student off task is if the family keeps walking in and out of their space, asking them questions, etc. Make sure siblings, and yes, parents, know the ground rules when an online student is learning.

If everyone is on the same page as to what actions will be distracting or disruptive, they can respect the needs of whomever in the family is educating themselves online. Limit questions and being in their space while they are trying to focus on learning.