Field Trip Ideas for Your Online Learner

Just because your child learns at home doesn’t mean there isn’t an option for them to get outside!

A huge advantage of an at home classroom is that you can choose to implement any element of traditional schooling — like field trips.

At Flex ED we are proud to offer quality e-learning to students who learn at home. We are strong believers in flexibility and helping children learn the way they learn best. This is why we strongly believe in adapting different elements of different educational systems.

Field trips are educational and provide students with a change of surrounding. There are plenty of places that you can take your online student to enhance their learning experience — and bring some additional excitement to their day:



Museums are a history lesson in and of themselves. The best thing you can do is get specific; go to a museum that aligns with what your student is learning online. If they are studying ancient Egypt, hit up the Egyption exhibit at a nearby museum like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.



Science units are only enhanced by being able to see science in real life. Is your online learner studying habitats? Visit your local aquarium and have your student identify all the different fishes, whales, reefs and more.

National park

On that note, National Parks are a perfect field trip to complement any lesson; whether your student is learning about the biosphere or the environment. After all, national parks also make for a great history lesson as most reservation areas have a lot of history behind them.

National parks are even a good physical education trip as it encourages kids to get out, walk around, and even do some hiking! There are a lot of educational and physical benefits to a well rounded trip like this.



Whether or not your student studies musical theory or plays an instrument, the orchestra makes for a solid field trip. It’s cultural and exposes your student to an entirely new experience. This kind of field trip is the perfect thing to open your child up to new hobbies, like studying music!

Local Humane Society

A non-for-profit organization is a great field trip option. It teaches your child about animals, and some real work issues surrounding animal mistreatment. It’s also a great way to teach your online student about NGOs and non-for-profits.



The theatre is a perfect field trip destination. It doesn’t take much time out of your day and can cover a variety of subjects. You have so many options in terms of what type of play you can go see with your online learner; you can see the live play adaptation of a book they are studying or even a play about a specific time period or event they’re studying in history.

Live theatre is an lesson in culture as is, and can really get your student thinking and making connections. Plus, this is the perfect way to integrate drama into their school experience.