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Our approach puts the student�s needs first, always.

Committed To Student Outcomes!

We are always committed to student outcomes, and we devote our efforts in ensuring that your child gets the absolute best education possible taking into account their individual needs. 

Where you educate your child is your choice and because we are a Qualified Independent school, that means there are no additional tuition fees charged to you. Funding comes from the Government of Saskatchewan.

We are passionate about teaching and welcome all inquiries about our school and how Flex ED can be a part of your family�s future learning needs.

I have had a very hard time getting good grades in school. My learning disability made it very difficult for me to learn in a regular school environment. Once I switched over to Flex ED I began doing much better and I am happy with how I am doing now! Being able to work in a distraction free zone and to take as long as I need on an assignment has given me the ability to excel.

Jade Flex ED Student

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