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Kayla Jackson

Grade 8

A Little About Myself

I've always been passionate about working with kids. As a kid myself, I babysat. In high school I worked at a kids day camp in Trois Rivières, Q.C. Throughout my B.A at the U of S, I worked at as a Before and After School Program Leader and while completing my B.Ed also at the UofS, I worked at a Youth Care Worker. These jobs were all extremely fulfilling jobs that solidified my passion for wanting to become a teacher. These past 6 years I have been employed with the Saskatoon Public School Division as a French Immersion Teacher.

I found out this past year about Flex ED as I was seeking employment from home. I have loved my time so far with Flex ED and am excited for what this new school year has store!


Fun Fact

I have a mini zoo at home!
1 Cat- Widget
1 Crested Gecko- Roxanne
2 Dogs- Shorty and Oliver
6 different types of fish in our two fish tanks and our one fish pond
Fish Tank #1- 3 Gold Fish
Fish Tank #2- Guppies, Corydoras, Plecostomus and Otocinclus
Pond- 5 Koi Fish 

....and that's it....for now!


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