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Brent Kreuger

High School Teacher/IT Support

A Little About Myself

Brent's first degree was a Bachelor of Applied Arts in 1984 from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University) in Toronto. Ten years later he received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and ten years after that, a Masters in Distance Education from Athabasca University.

Brent has spent most of his adult life as an entrepreneur. His first business was Saskatchewan's first Cibachrome pro-lab and photographic studio where he designed and produced commercial displays. In 1995 he joined his wife Monica in Global Infobrokers Inc. as Vice President.

Global Infobrokers Inc. began in 1989 as a developer and provider of entrepreneurship training in Saskatchewan. His expertise in Distance Education has allowed the company to export their entrepreneurship programs to other provinces. Collectively they have assisted over 1000 entrepreneurs start their enterprises in Saskatchewan and Alberta in a wide variety of industries. Now called Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, their training product is well known and successful largely because it is run for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Based upon their success in the post secondary school, Brent has a desire to promote entrepreneurship as a career option to young people. When he was asked to come on board with Flex ED teaching this subject, he jumped at the chance.


Fun Fact

Brent currently lives in an ecovillage where everyone there has made a commitment to build and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. He sometimes feels like he's homesteading at the turn of the century circa 1800. He grows and raises as much of his own food as he can, generates his own electricity, does not use fossil fuels for heat, uses composting toilets and chops his own firewood. "A man who chops his own firewood is twice warmed by that same tree" is one of his favourite sayings.  

Brent gives tours and sustainability presentations to literally hundreds of people a year including school groups, university classes, engineering and architectural firms, and anyone that's also interested in living a "green" lifestyle.

Brent is an advocate of alternative education and works hard to improve the education process itself. He has written white-papers on the topic and many of his essays and blogs have been picked up for publication and re-posting to other Alternative Education sites.