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At Flex ED we specialize in helping students learn on their own terms. Our motto is putting the students first, this means schooling when you want and where you want. Let us take you on this tour of our school to learn how Flex ED could improve your education experience.

In this free virtual tour, we'll show you:

  • A rundown on everything you need to know about Flex ED
  • Discover all about our online platform and the benefit it can have to your child's education
  • Learn about all the different resources we offer, how to submit assignments and other helpful tips
  • See how you can interact with other students taking the same courses and with all of your teachers
  • Q & A to help answer anything we don't cover
  • And much more!

This tour is 100% free and 100% online, there is no obligations to sign up just come check out what we can offer to you or your child. Want to discuss financial aid?


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Yes, Flex ED is a fully accredited school and is recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Flex ED supports full-time students in Kindergarten, through Grade 12, with an additional Adult Education Program.

For full-time Students, the costs involved are the initial Registration fee plus the tuition top-up. This can be paid monthly or as a one-time fee. 

You will receive provincial standing for each grade level successfully completed, all of which are recognized by post-secondary institutions.

All courses are taught through a fully certified Saskatchewan teacher, who is available for contact.

The full-time registration for students includes access to core courses and a variety of electives, all of which are in line with the Province of Saskatchewan’s curriculum.