Webinar: Seeking Diagnosis For ASD

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What You Need To Know
Your child (or teen) may have a few struggles, some obvious, some not so much. You may have noticed he or she struggles with self-control, social engagement, processing information, physical activities, or a host of various "normal" activities. If you feel in your "gut" that your child or teen "has something going on", what should you do? Many parents and teachers adapt activities and expectations for children that appear to have "quirks". Sometimes those adaptations are fantastic. Other times adults are left scratching their heads or pulling out their hair because they cannot figure out how to help children with different needs. At what point in time should parents and teachers request professional intervention on behalf of a child? Are there benefits for seeking a diagnosis for High Functioning Autism (formerly Asperger's), or Attention Deficit Disorder, or any other developmental disorder out there? Is a diagnosis helpful or is it simply a label? This Webinar will touch on some of the debates surrounding clinical diagnoses and some things you might want to consider if or when a diagnosis is made.

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