COVID-19: Fact vs. Fiction Free Seminar

Join us and our group of specialists on March 18th at 7PM SK Time, to discuss everything COVID-19. 

What You Need To Know

Join us March 18th at 7 PM SK time, for a educational seminar regarding COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Seminar will be an hour long, and include a Q&A poriton at the end. 

The goal in this seminar is to share information and explore the following Covid-19 preparedness topics:

  • The facts! Dr. Amila Heendeniya MD, Infectious Disease Specialist and Dr. Gage Watson MD, Radiologist will share current facts and safety precautions regarding the Covid-19 virus
  • What you can do. Dr. Joe Klassen, ND will offer tips on strengthening and boosting your immune system
  • How to prepare. Mr. Joel Lojko Online Training & Consulting Specialist, Mr. Paul Chesher Digital and Inbound Marketing Specialist and Mrs. Ann Cook MEd, Virtual School Principal will help you technologically prepare to work and/or school effectively and successfully from home as necessary

In addition, our experts will answer your questions in a Q&A at the end of the seminar. 

Read more about our guest speakers below.

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  • Dr Joe Klassen, ND

    A registered Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary. He enjoys teaching health sciences to nutritionists, naturopaths and medical doctors. He has an interest in educating on the importance of a healthy gut and microbiome, which is important in so many health systems especially immunity. 

  • Dr. Amila Heendeniya, MD

    An infectious disease MD. Dr. Heendeniya received his BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology and MD degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and completed his Internal Medicine residency in Saskatoon. He completed a two year fellowship in infectious disease at University of Toronto and has held staff positions as an infectious disease doctor in both Toronto and Winnipeg.

  • Dr. Gage Watson, MD

    Dr. Watson completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan in Physics and completed his MD there as well. He then completed  his radiology residency in June of 2019. He is now in the process of finishing his fellowship training in Interventional Radiology at University of Alberta. This is a subspecialty of radiology which focuses on minimally invasive procedures/treatment using imaging.

  • Mr. Joel Lojko

    An e-learning expert who has worked in the industry for over 10 years.  In his role as an online education and training specialist, he works with a diverse group of clients including individual students, schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, and corporate customers.  Joel has seen the trend towards working and learning from home evolve firsthand over the past decade, and continues to help clients adapt to the ever changing environment.

  • Mrs. Ann Cook, MEd

    Ann received her undergraduate degrees, a BSc in Biology, and a BEd as well as  her graduate degree, a Masters in Education specializing in educational technology and design from the University of Saskatchewan. She is passionate about e-learning and the freedom and flexibility it affords. As the Principal of a virtual K-12 school in Saskatchewan for several years, she has had the opportunity to develop and manage virtual learning programs and teams. She has had experience teaching K-12 in the public education system and finds it very rewarding to see both students and staff thrive and flourish in a virtual learning environment and beyond.

  • Mr. Paul Chesher

    Paul is a highly experienced professional specializing in the art of Inbound Marketing & the science of Growth Driven Website Design. In addition to his decade of experience as a digital marketing professional, Paul has extensive experience managing and building remote teams.