Why Flex ED?

 Back to School  in Saskatchewan

As we approach the light at the end of the tunnel from the novel coronavirus pandemic, the province of Saskatchewan has recently announced the latest circumstances on what will be happening for students and schools in general. 

Schools will return to normal as pre-pandemic this means there will be no mask mandate and no social distancing. However, students' and parents can wear masks and social distance if desired. 

Some pandemic routines such as contact tracing and regular cleaning will stay in schools to prevent the spread and keep students and teachers safe.

Flex Ed 
Keeping Students Safe

Flex ED was created to provide students and parents a legitimate alternative to traditional classroom and homeschooling education models. Now with the current global pandemic, Flex ED has become a more safe and organized option to traditional schooling.

Learning from home is a flexible option that allows students to work when they want and in an environment that benefits them. Flex ED also provides children the safety against illness by limiting their exposure to other students, teachers and buildings which is even more important now due to the global pandemic.

Flex ED is aware that each student learns differently and builds the curriculum upon that creating an organized space for students to learn safely and stay close to their family, regardless of their schedule.

Tuition & Costs

 Enrol today and become apart of an online community of students in an education of flexibility, creativity and safety. 
Our annual calendar starts September 8 in Saskatchewan and goes to the 3rd week of June. We follow very similar vacation breaks to other public schools in Saskatchewan but best to refer to the current calendar.
Tuition =  Paid for by the province of Saskatchewan if enrolled by September 20th.
Registration Fee =
$250 (Paid only once annually)
*Payment plan available
Financial Aid is available Learn More 

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