2023/2024 Enrolment

Flex ED Tuition

Registration Fee

We understand the excitement of starting a new school year and the journey of acquiring new knowledge. To streamline this process, we charge a one-time registration fee at the start of each academic year.
For a single student, the registration fee is $300.
For families enrolling 2 or more students, we offer a discounted registration fee of $500 per family unit.

This fee helps us ensure that your child's admission process runs smoothly, enabling us to prepare for their arrival and create an enriching learning environment.

Cost & Tuition

We are thankful for your understanding and your contribution toward ensuring a continued high-quality education for your children.

We strive to keep education accessible and continue to work diligently to make the most of every dollar. With these necessary adaptations, we can navigate these challenging times together, and keep lighting the path of knowledge for our students.

The tuition price is per student and is a total of $5567.00 per year or $625 per month.

For further details or queries, feel free to contact our administrative office. We are here to help you understand this structure and make your payments as straightforward as possible.

Need to Reach Us?

We love talking education. Whether it's questions about our online learning platform, or how you and your family can make the most of virtual education, Let's connect!


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