Outdoor Education Program 

What You Need To Know

Flex ED�s Outdoor Education Program draws on learning outcomes across subject areas to provide students with a holistic, outdoor-oriented approach to learning. As part of the program, our certified teachers will help students make real-life connections between the Saskatchewan curriculum and the outdoors. 

We aim to inspire a love of learning, curiosity, and foster independence and personal growth through the following:

  • HANDS-ON learning and DISCOVERY
  • VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON programming
  • RELATIONSHIP building with classmates
  • CONNECTIONS to nature
  • FUN and ENGAGING experiences


If you love the outdoors and are looking to add some fun and adventure to your day, this would be the perfect opportunity for you!


What's included in the  Fee?

Your Registration Fee will cover any admission fees, an Outdoor Education kit, and other costs associated with the outdoor adventures


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