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Linda Cimpric

Wellness 10, Psychology 20, Psychology 30

A Little About Myself

I love being in the realm of education - both as a learner and a teacher; nothing is more empowering than knowledge. I am passionate about creating through photography, painting, gardening, and 3 dimensional form. My philosophy on education, and my passion for creativity echo Flex ED's evolutionary environment of online learning. 

I was serendipitously working at a flower shop when Ann Cook asked me if I wanted a job, and I jumped at the chance. That was 2016, and I am ever grateful for the opportunity to work here.  

I am a mother, step-mother, grandmother, and I have a fur baby (Pomeranian) named Thor. My life is busy, but balanced, because of the flexibility my job allows. Thank you Flex ED!


Fun Fact

I can drive a bobcat.

�Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.�?� Malcolm X