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Kristy Novak Leverick

High School Teacher & Course Selection Consultant

A Little About Myself

I earned a B.A, B.Ed and M.Ed (thesis on perspectives of bullying) from the UofS and taught in Saskatoon for over 10 years.

I found Flex ED while looking for an alternative to traditional school for one of my boys. We enjoyed his experience so much, that I jumped at the opportunity for employment with Flex Ed. I think it is an incredible program that can help a wide range of students achieve success.

Fun Fact

I help my oldest son with his paper route...and secretly love it, because I always wanted a route when I was young!

I'm so grateful to be part of Flex ED! With a husband, 4 kids, 3 dogs and a variety of volunteer positions; Flex ED is the best way for me to continue to follow my passion of improving educational experiences, guiding students and teaching subjects I love!