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Dont worry! Although Government Funded Enrolment has ended, you can still enrol with Flex ED for the 2021/2022 School year. 

How It Works
1. Pay your Registration fee up front ($300/student)

2. You will be contacted by someone from our Administration Team to set up an automatically monthly payment. Monthly Payments are $500 per month per child.

3. Once your payments are set up you will recieve login informaiton and can get started right away!


If this is something you wan tot learn more about before registering feel free to book a private tour here. 


What's the "Registration Fee" & what does it include?

Your schooling fee covers basic costs not associated with tuition, or covered by the Provincial Government. These costs include:

  • Registration Costs
  • Government Paperwork
  • Textbooks & Material
  • Administration & Support
  • Teacher Prep
  • Much More


Questions? Call Us. 1-888-604-6968

Our Specialists are here to help with any questions you might have.


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